Welcome to Hospitality Ventures Consulting LLC

A Strategic Innovative Consulting Company

What We Do

  • Hotel Consulting :
    • Everything from Inception of Development to a Fully Operational Hotel
  • Food and Beverage Consulting
    • Everything from Inception of Development to a Fully Operational Restaurant
  • Purchasing
  • Creative Design
  • Hiring and Training

Hotel Consulting

Project Development and Construction

  • Plan evaluation
  • Concept designs
  • Assisting in Purchasing and evaluating FF&E
  • Construction overview and evaluation for operational needs
  • New Space Analysis
    • Analyze front of the house space
    • Analyze rear of house
    • Analyze engineering of Kitchen
    • Overall Analysis and review
  • Budgeting Pro Forma;
  • Review and or create 10 yr P&L Analysis; Market Feasibility Studies
  • Budget, evaluate and order/purchase OS&E
  • Analysis and Creation of Wage Scales
  • Staffing Guide created
  • Pre-Opening Budget
  • Re-Assessment of Computer and POS needs

Pre-Opening and Opening of Hotels

  • A customized process development and strategic plan will be developed to implement a system that will realize results to :
    • Drive and maximize profitability
    • Control operational costs
    • Run an efficient operation
    • Develop consistency in the product and the operation
  • Standards creations
  • Finalize Purchasing
  • Management Hiring
  • Hourly Hiring
  • Training
  • Concept implementation
  • Readying for opening
  • Opening events
  • Evaluation of staff
  • Ongoing Training
  • Problem Resolutions
  • Licensing
  • Working with GM
  • Evaluating standards implementation

Fully Operational Hotels

  • Customer Service Evaluation
  • Employee Evaluation / Quality of Service analysis
    • Front of House
    • Service personnel
    • Management
  • Ongoing Training
  • Monthly reviews of Operation and amp;
  • Asset Management for owners
  • Observe operation and businesses
  • Total Operation Analysis to include an evaluation analysis, survey and review.
  • Evaluation of Profitability
  • Analysis of Sales processes and costs of sales
    • Food Cost
    • Labor costs
    • Identify any new procedures and/or equipment needed
    • Standards Analysis
    • Sales Analysis
    • Analyze accounting procedures and processes
    • Purchasing analysis
Food and Beverage Consulting

Restaurants and Catering

  • Themes
  • Service personnel
  • Startups
  • Operational Analysis
  • Profitability reviews
  • Training
  • Labor analysis
  • Standards design and implementation

Product Sales and Distribution Consulting
  • Items represented
    • Food items used for hotels, restaurants and country clubs
    • Beverage items used for the hospitality industry
    • China, Glass and Silver products
    • Miscellaneous small ware products

  • Companies represented
    • Broadline distributors
    • Product manufacturers for the hospitality industry

  • Targeted sales audiences
    • National accounts
    • Large end user companies
    • Broadline distributors for your products

Purchasing Consulting

  • Food cost analysis
  • Themes
  • Implementation of "Cost Plus" purchasing plans
  • Menu development and costing

Creative Design Consulting

  • Product development and Sales implementation
  • Concept Development
  • "Out of the Box Ideas"

Hiring and Training Consulting

  • Assistance with understanding labor needs and contract labor
  • Overseas recruiting expertise
  • Training programs created and implemented