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Jeffrey Jacobs started Hospitality Ventures Consulting LLC in 1994. Since then Hospitality Ventures Consulting and Jeffrey have been involved with and associated with many great companies and numerous renowned successful operations and projects. Jeffrey, an accomplished manager with a proven track record of exceeding bottom line objectives, delivering world class industry standard setting marks in customer satisfaction scores, obtaining consistently high levels of employee opinion scores, while being recognized for enhanced quality excellence standards, brings decades of hotel management and food service experience to hospitals and healthcare systems. He has served in consulting positions with such prestigious companies as Blackstone, Capella hotels, 1 Hotels, Northwell Health, Henry Ford Health, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Lee Memorial Heath and executive positions with such world class hotels as the Plaza in New York, the New York Marriott Marquis, the Adam’s Mark in St. Louis and the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia. His unique knowledge and management expertise added another dimension to the Ritz Carlton winning the Malcolm Baldrige Award in 1999 and to the success of the Henry Ford Health Systems winning the award in 2011. Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, under the direction and vision of Jeffrey, was the first hospital in the world to build an organic certified hydroponic greenhouse and education center. As part of that vision to address and change children’s understanding of food thru first hand education, Jeffrey worked very closely with local pediatricians, the city of Detroit, Wayne County, the Oakland County school districts, city and county administrations to create programs to educate the students in healthy eating habits, in the fight against childhood obesity. His outstanding knowledge, experience and guidance also contributed greatly to the success of Cape Coral Hospital, of the Lee Memorial Health System, winning the prestigious Florida Governor's Sterling Award in 2015, the first time a community hospital has won that honor. Lee Health was one of the first hospitals in the United States that established a clinically created malnutrition program with a healthy home food delivery program that was funded by the Florida Department of Agriculture. Among his latest accomplishments in healthcare was the creation and implementation of an evidence-based healthy food procurement policy at Northwell Health to improve the quality of and satisfaction with hospital-based foods without a significant increase in overall food expenditures. The results were astounding; while Jeffrey was heading up the healthy food initiative program at Northwell Health, total food costs rose by only 2% during the implementation period, while Press Gainey Scores relating to the question: “quality of food” rose over 600%. While doing that Jeffrey also conceived, co-created and implemented the Food as Health program at Northwell Health to provide healthy, affordable and tasty food based on the patient’s level of need at their point of care, in their communities or in their homes. Food as Health is the first hospital-based initiative in New York State to comprehensively address and track food insecurity among its patients. The “Food as Health” model utilizes the strengths of the area’s food system, local organizations and community partners. Individuals who screen positive are referred to their “Food As Health” center to receive fresh fruits and vegetables, counseling from a community dietitian, assessment and application assistance for SNAP and WIC, insight on eating for their condition, culturally appropriate and SNAP- friendly recipes, as well as connections to long-term food resources available locally. The “prescribed food” is dispensed like medicine, providing a three-day supply of nutritious food. The program aims to track food insecurity, utilize teaching kitchens, conduct outreach and provide food resources in libraries, workplaces, and community centers. Partnerships with local community organizations will ensure that the provided recipes, guidance, and resources will be culturally appropriate, and ideally increase the likelihood of adoption of healthier habits

Jeffrey holds a BA From SUNY Buffalo, an MA from New York University (NYU) and served as an adjunct lecturer in the NYU School of Hotel and Restaurant and Tourism Management and as an adjunct professor in the School of Hotel and Restaurant and Tourism Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He won the Innovator of the Year Award from The Plaza in 2001 and the Focus on People Award from the Henry Ford Health System in 2012.

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