Welcome to Hospitality Ventures Consulting LLC

A Strategic Innovative Consulting Company

What We Do

Hospitality Venture Consulting takes Wellness to a new level by creating a Community Center for Well Being while clinically integrating hospitality into a medical facility.

"Performance excellence is not a function of chance or circumstances it's about making a conscious decision to be the best and then following a proven disciplined approach to get there."
W. Edwards Deming

Consulted for Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital        2011-2013

Consulted for Cape Coral Hospital-Lee Memorial Health System    2013- Present

Consulted for Cancer Treatment Centers of America     2013-2015

Consulted for Northwell Health     2016-2020

Areas of Responsibility

All Non-Clinical Areas including::

  • Retail and Wellness
  • Culinary, Cafeterias, Patient Dining and Catering
  • Educational, Greenhouse, Weekly Farmer’s Markets, Concerts and Art Therapy
  • Concierge/Patient Advocate Programs
  • Purchasing

W. Edwards Deming


  • Taking care of the customers
  • A focus on creating a Patient/Customer-centric Culture
  • Creating "Memorable Experiences"
  • A focus on the clinical integration of all areas
  • Employee Engagement
  • Lean management and profitability
  • Employee wellness and healthy nutritional food


  • Innovation
  • Risk taking
  • Managing change
  • Managing in "white waters"

Key Questions Asked

  • What do the customers want?
  • How do the customers define value?
  • What is the customer perception of "What is a Community Center for Well Being?"